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Registering your software entitles you to receive technical support and product updates.

(If you are here to register a copy of one of our software products that you have a demo of, what you really want to do is purchase a registered version of the software. You can do that by clicking the "ORDER" button in the navigation bar, above, or by clicking the "ORDER" link at the bottom of the page.)

I purchased a BOX or PACKAGE of software: I ELECTRONICALLY DOWNLOADED software from a website:
If you purchased a BOXED or PACKAGED version of software please take a moment to register by using the form below. You will need your software's serial number to complete registration. This number can be found in a few locations depending upon the particular package form you received:
  • on the product registration card,
  • inside the manual, or
  • on the back of the CD-mailer flatpack.
NOTE: If you purchased software ONLINE and ELECTRONICALLY DOWNLOADED it from the WEBSITE of a qualified Synergy Reseller (click on this link for a list of qualified resellers), you are AUTOMATICALLY registered with Synergy Solutions, Inc. and DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER AGAIN. Your order number serves as your serial number. If your reseller does not appear on the list of qualified resellers, please contact us.

If you have any questions about this form please contact us.
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